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Concerned about COVID-19?
We Can Now Do Your Shoot Remotely
You stay safely in your home, and we do the shoot remotely from ours, and you can still get a great headshot. We help you prepare, be ready, and stay with you until you are satisfied. Virtual shoots work. Individuals and companies. Call or email us today for details and stay healthy.
Concerned, but need an in-person shoot?
Your Shoot in Our New Fresh-Air Studio
To keep us all safe, we put together an open-air studio out back where we live. Everything you need is outside. We have a canopy to shield from the sun and protect from the weather as well as cabanas for changing and so on. Ingrid wears a mask and uses a lens that allows her to never have to get closer than 10 feet. We use a variety of backdrops as well as a green screen if you want to add backgrounds later. We can also create sets as well as other backgrounds as needed. Special lights and reflectors give us additional control. Call or email us today for details and stay healthy.

Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography

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