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Concerned about Covid, but Need a Photo?
Your Shoot Inside or Out at Our New Studio
We are now doing shoots inside at our new studio which has a whole floor to itself in our home. You'll have your own off-street parking spot, a changing room, and plenty of light. We are all fully vaccinated.

We also have an open-air studio outback if you prefer. The outside studio has canopies to shield from the sun and protect from the weather, etc. In cooler months, we have radiant heat during your shoot, plus hand warmers and heated seats to keep you cozy.

We have a variety of backgrounds ranging from a wilderness look, inside office, and casual elegance. Plus, we have many neutral and abstract backgrounds. Call or email us today for details.
Headshot of a man in an open collar

Headshot Package

Your Shoot Plus…
ONE fully-retouched image of your choice.


• A consultation with Ingrid by phone or email to clarify what you wish your images to do and how best to get there.
• We’ll also discuss hair, makeup, and clothes as well as answering any questions.
• You are encouraged to bring all the clothes you wish; together we’ll choose which ones work best.
• Your shoot will be done at a relaxed pace virtually over the internet or at our new fresh-air studio. Your choice.
• We can change the background to whatever you need.
• To help you decide on your final included image, Ingrid will consult with you by phone, Zoom, FaceTime, or similar while you view the images together.
• Standard (but extensive) adjusting and retouching.
• We are not done until you are satisfied.
• Free online backup of any image you license for TWO years.

See our HEADSHOT PACKAGE page for more information.
Publicity image of woman in black reclining with violin

Publicity Package

Your Shoot Plus more…
FOUR fully-retouched images of your choice.

YOUR PUBLICITY PACKAGE includes ALL the features in the Headshot Package, plus:

• Shots with you in action, including with instruments, props, and even another person.
• More time for different outfits, setups, and looks.
• One standard extended image for web banner, if desired.
• We can add any backgrounds you need in postproduction.
• Free online backup of any image you license for TWO years.

See our PUBLICITY PACKAGE page for more information.
Branding image of woman sitting on high stool

Branding Package

Everything You Need
TWELVE fully-retouched images of your choice.

YOUR BRANDING PACKAGE includes ALL the features in the Headshot Package and Publicity Packages, plus:

• Extensive wardrobe, hair, and makeup consultation with Ingrid before your shoot online by Zoom or in person if possible.
• We block off the entire day for you, and add a second day if necessary.
• We'll work closely with your designers, your art director, or anyone else that is part of your project as needed.
• We'll stay available until your project is completed.
NEW: Free online backup of any image you license for FOUR years.

See our BRANDING PACKAGE page for more information.

Office Rates

Substatial Fee Reductions
• We give substantial fee reductions for offices and teams.
• Even two people will save.
• For virtual shoots, you do not need to schedule together.
• For in-person shoots, you would be scheduled one after the other or on consecutive days.
• In-person shoots are all done outside at our fresh-air studio.
• See the Covid notices above for more information or contact us.

Let us know what you need, we'll talk, and then we can give you a quote.


Additions to Your Shoot
If your Package does not include an item below that you need, just add it on to complete your package.

• Wardrobe, hair, and makeup consultation with Ingrid in person on a day before your shoot.
• We can arrange a makeup artist for you to help you look your best.
• Images of you with things that go with your brand like instruments, accessories, or products.
• Special image manipulation like compositing, removing or adding things or people, changing backgrounds, and so on.
• Additional licensed images, fully retouched, are $50 each.

Fees vary on some of these - Let us know what you need, and we'll give you a quote.

Need something different that you do not see here? We'll arrange and make a special package just for you.

Products, Food, Books, and Other Business Photograpy

We Can Help You Meet the World
We do imagery for:

• Products
• Sales
• Advertising
• Packaging
• Books

If needed, we can also bring you together with talented people in art direction, project coordination, food stylists, book designers, writers, editors, and other specialists.

Check out our Commercial, Food, and Editorial galleries.

Let us know what you need, and we'll give you a quote.

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