Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography

Washington State Sales Tax Exemption - Use this and save:

  • Recent changes in how sales taxes are applied to photographers in Washington State now require us to apply sales tax to your shoot unless you fill out an exemption form.
  • The exemption is available when the images are used exclusively for business; it is not available for prints or images for personal use.
  • We are obligated to keep this form on file and cannot provide the exemption without it. If you would like the exemption, we’ll have the form to fill out at your shoot: it will only take a minute. If you prefer to download and fill it out now, go here and we'll tell you how.
  • In order to prevent delays in the fulfillment of your order, please take care of this ASAP.
  • All the details about this policy from the State of Washington Department of Revenue.

Note: the DoR links have moved before, and we have updated them. If the links do not work, they may have moved them again. Let us know and we will find and update for you.