Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography


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IMPORTANT: You can download this to your phone or tablet. However, we don't recommend it:
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  • Depending on what you have installed on your device, further steps may be necessary before you can view your images.
  • However, if you believe you understand the issues, go ahead.


  • Whatever hardware you use, please wait until the file is completely downloaded before trying to open it. If you try to open it before it is fully downloaded, the file may become corrupted, and it will not open. If that happens, you may have to start again.
  • Again, it may be taking a while and not be fully downloaded. Try waiting a while, then look for it and open later.
  • Depending on your settings, the zipped file may not be downloading to somewhere obvious. It may also be unzipping to somewhere else besides where the original zipped file is located. Try searching for recent files and/or the name of the zipped file which is at the end of the link above.
  • Yes, of course, please contact us if you are still having problems. And please backup your image files. More information on that here.