Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Photography

From headshots to business portrait photographs with surrounding elements, a consistent image style that supports your brand is essential. Your face is often the first thing potential customers and clients check out on your site and printed materials. First impressions really do count. If your presentation looks sharp, it inspires confidence in your professionalism. The same is certainly true for products, food, and services: when shown at their best, an increase in business will quickly pay for the costs of quality photography. Taking the time and using the resources necessary to get it right also demonstrates to your potential clients that you take quality seriously.

Whether on location or in our Seattle studio, even years later, Ingrid can match your style when new team members arrive. If you are starting fresh, we can show you what is possible, and what will most support your purposes.

If you have a product or service you would like to present to the world, she can make them pop. We can even help you arriving at the right style for you before we make a single shot.

Contact us or check out our packages. For even a small business, the fees come down quickly when you have more than one person to photograph. For more complex shoots as well as food, products, and services, we can give you a quote on whatever you need. If you are new to this and need some help, we have learned a lot, and will be happy to help you move forward.